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10 Cheap or Free Ideas to do with the Kiddies this Summer

The school year has ended, your children will not be going to school on Monday. What will you do? I don’t know about you and your children but summer comes and my children sit around the house all day, literally. So what do you do to entertain your children during the school breaks.

Get out of the House

My children are kinda on the old side now but here are 5 things to enjoy outside of the house with your little ones.

  1. Picnic in the Park – For younger children the park is a great option. You can make lunch and go out to the park. Check your local city and park calendars there may be an event that you can attend. You can allow the children to run and play freely and do everything they can spend some of that energy they have bottled up in their little bodies. Where does it all come from lol? But feed them before they get too tired, and let them play some more after. By the time you get them back home they are ready for a quick nap, giving you an hour or so to have some me time.
  2. Go to a Farm – Is there a local farm in your area? Some farms will allow you to come and pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables. This can be educational and interesting for young minds. Especially if there are animals present.
  3. Skating – I just have a major warning concerning this do not I repeat DO NOT fall in front of your children, they will laugh at you lol. I know this from experience… and they didn’t even help me up smh. But if you do get on skates with your children it’s a good way to get a little exercise in as well. OK enough about you lol needless to say the kids will enjoy it. They may be a little fearful at first if they have never skated before or do not skate well, but in most cases they enjoy making the effort.
  4. Attend a Baseball Game – Depending on the area in which you live you may have a major league team to watch or maybe even a minor league. For minor league games here in my area the tickets are not that expensive ad it gives the children something to do that’s ‘outside the box’. (We’re more of a basketball or football family).
  5. Bowling or Entertainment Center – In the Atlanta area there are plenty of entertainment centers to go to. And there is plenty to do, arcades, bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, karaoke, VR games, pool tables and plenty more depending on where you go. This is probably better for the older children but the younger guys enjoy it also

Ideas for at Home

So what about the days the weather is not its greatest, or you simply need not spend the money that particular week. Well cheap and free is what I do best lol.

  1. Build a Fort – the kids seem to enjoy this no mater what age. My daughter (a teen) told me not to long ago that she wants to build one. I honestly think its a way she can make a mess of things and I won’t necessarily get mad at her, idk. She will have to put everything back together again though.
  2. Movie Night – Find a move you children will enjoy, or I like to put on a childhood movie of mine and have them watch it with me. It introduces them to the types of shows, movies, cartoons I liked growing up. Sometimes they enjoy it and sometimes they are like ‘Momma… Really?’ lol. But pop some popcorn it its not too late allow some candy and soda and enjoy a movie.
  3. Game Night – UNO is the game for my household. I think my kids cheat though lol. There are plenty of games whether card, board or video games. Game nights are always fun.
  4. Prepare a meal – You can do this a couple of ways. If you have younger children allow them to help in preparing a meal. Allow them to help in some way. Younger children love to help cook. For older children, turn the kitchen over to them, but be close by to keep any possible mishaps at bay. But allow them to plan, prepare and cook a meal. First its a learning experience and they can take pride in preparing a meal for you and the family. My son loves to cook and my daughter loves to eat…. smh, idk, lol… and all the other abbreviations I can include here lol.
  5. Crafts – How creative are you? Go to the dollar store and purchase some art supplies and allow the imagination to do its thing. Making slime is a new popular thing with children lately. It might be a little messy but my nephews loves it.


There are plenty of things you can do with your children in our out of the house. Sometimes keeping them from boredom can help keep your peace. So once the activity for the day is complete they may be more inclined spend some time alone, which means you will also have some time alone. Maybe end your day with a nice hot bubble bath in your favorite scents, or read a book, or yoga before bed. We as mothers tend to concern ourselves so over our children that we forget about ourselves.

Until Next Time

You got this!!!


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