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6 Things to do to enjoy YOU

HEY!!! Long time no post right? I know, I know. So I realized something over the past few weeks, well maybe since school started back for my kids. Outside of them my life is kinda blah. LoL I mean when they go off to college then what will I have to do?

Don’t get me wrong but everything I do is for my children. I love them and always will, but what about me? What am I doing to enjoy time to myself? What am I doing to treat myself? This sounds selfish don’t it. IT’S NOT, it’s not selfish to take care of yourself every once in a while. Self care is very important for your peace, health and mental peace. We must take care of ourselves in order to take care of ‘the world’ as it may seem some times.

So below are some suggestions on what you can try to take time out for yourself. Who knows maybe at some point I’ll blog about my experiences with these suggestions. These are suggestions for myself as well.

  • Gym Membership – Although gym membership is suggested here, exercise in general is the goal. Exercise besides the obvious is beneficial in other ways as well. Exercise can make you feel happy, help with energy levels and help you to relax. Besides the mere fact of having something to do or the idea of getting in shape you can exercise and feel better about yourself and at the end of your day you’ll be able to settle and relax just a little easier. Count me in please.
  • Dinner and a Movie – Treat yourself to a dinner and a movie. Don’t be afraid to ‘date’ yourself. Enjoy a movie and go to your favorite restaurant no kids allowed. I love to laugh so when I see a movie that seems it will be funny if I have the chance I will go see it enjoy the laugh. The humor in some movies are too grown up to enjoy with my children so those are the ones I watch. And dinner, Girl… I go to what ever I may be craving and allow myself to enjoy. I don’t get to do this often.
  • Spa Day – Now this is a suggestion that I would have to admit I have never done. When I say spa day I mean the total experience, you know the massage, facial and everything else they may offer at your local spa. Even right now the thought of a massage sounds ideal. But I will try this soon and post about my experience. On the other hand, the mani-pedi part that may be included in spa day I do that often at my favorite nail salon.
  • Events – I live in a big city and there are always events happening. It’s just a matter of me finding the types of events I would be interested in attending. Social media is a good tool for finding different events in your area to attend. I like going to the outdoor concerts they have. The events don’t have to be big events. They can be something small intimate that you may have an interest in, or maybe you never heard of before, who knows it may become a new interest.
  • Find a Hobby – I’m sure you can think of many things you can do as a hobby. I kinda enjoy the whole Sip and Paint experience. Although this is something that is kinda better enjoyed with company, so maybe a group of friends can attend for something to do on a Friday evening. Maybe you’ll like photography or pottery making. Either way finding a hobby may be a good outlet for you what ever it may be. There are many hobbies you can do at home and very inexpensively. Look into it.
  • Travel – Again this is something I’m suggesting but don’t often do by myself. But I enjoy traveling, I like seeing other parts of the nation and hopefully one day the globe. I am looking forward to future vacations with my family and alone lol. You may choose to go to your nearest beach or the biggest busiest city you can think of, or maybe even that isolated small country on the other side of the world, what ever your hearts content have fun when you get there.

I hope this post encourages you to get up and do something for your self. It is OK for you as a single mother to have fun as well. Get out and do something you like to do. Do not worry about what tomorrow will bring, don’t stress over yesterdays concerns but take a day or even a few hours to enjoy YOU!

Until next time

It’s OK to do you… YOU GOT THIS!


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