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Back to School Shopping… Already?

Summer has begun. You have enjoyed days at the water parks, pools, beaches and other forms of kid friendly events during the summer. The kids were able to go to bed a little later and enjoy their beds a little longer. (unless they are early risers 🙁 ) They probably even ate you out of house and home a couple times each week.

Then all of a sudden it hits you as you realize school will be starting again for them. Its time to get back to school lists and do some shopping.

As a single mother shopping for anything can be a bit frustrating just because you have to make sure you don’t overspend and buy too much of the unnecessary things that the kids may want to return to school. My kids are teenagers now the jeans they would want cost anything upward of $30 ESPECIALLY my son smh. They both are specific about the shoes that they want and they are not cheap…. So how do you do school shopping on a budget?


Did you know that there are parents who just freely spend on school shopping. (I’m not one of them, would love to be. but I’m just not there yet.) But whether you have to pay close attention as to how much you are spending or not… Know your budget. Know where you can afford to spend a little extra money and where you need to stay close to your budget.

Unused Supplies

So I tend to this each year. I have my children to bring everything they had left over from the previous year, notebooks, pencils, markers and whatever else they could need. And sometimes they can simply reuse some items that are not in bad shape like binders, calculators, book bags. But I go through everything they had from the previous year and figure out what I need from there. If they can reuse anything that’s on their supply list that’s a check.


Check out your local churches, outreaches, and charities. Often times these organizations will offer different school supplies to the community. They may offer clothes, book bags, pen, paper, pencils and crayons. You do have to do your research though. My local church usually do an event every year, an outreach event where the church and community come together and have fun, food, and friends out enjoying each other. At the end of it they give out book bags full of stuff for the children. Last year one of the schools in the area hosted an event and gave out free book bags and school supplies as well as jeans. Do your research within your community I’m sure you will find something. Every bit counts. And if you should get anything your child don’t need pass it on to someone you may know who will need it.


Thrift stores? Yes, thrift stores. Now don’t go to the thrift stores believing you will be able to get everything for your child. But it does not hurt to check out the thrift stores. You may be able to find some nice tops or bottoms that are still in decent shape and maybe even with the tag still on it. There has been a few times I have purchased for my children of either an expensive brand in good shape or any brand with a tag still on it and I paid less than $10 for it.

Coupons and Sales

Coupons can be your best friend during back to school-time, especially if you have multiple children.Usually stores have different sales going on during this time of the year and it may come down to comparing prices at the different stores you may shop at. Some stores offer notebooks, pencils so cheap that you can’t help but to buy plenty at one time because you know those prices will rise again soon.

Online Shopping

A lot of times you can find cheaper prices for those more expensive items your children may need like those calculators (ugh). Why is a calculator so expensive? OK back to the topic. The dot coms may offer a lower price than what you may find in stores. This could be for that calculator or those shoes your child may want. When it comes to more expensive things I do tend to check online first before trying to buy it in store. Especially if I can have it shipped in good timing.

Pass it on

There is a song that says I’m blessed to bless. When you find these deals or charities make sure you give back. Whether you are donating supplies from the things you found on sale or telling another single mother where she can go to find deals or the name of the charity you got the book bag from. Pay it forward somehow.

I hope you found these ideas helpful and that you are able to use them in a way that is good for you in your situation.

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If you found this post helpful leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions of your own leave that too I can always use any money saving tips lol…


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  1. Thanks for sharing theses extremely helpful tips. Its good to know there are moms who have similar thoughts around the back to school topic. I always take advantage of going to the thrift stores and often find great clothing at a super low cost.

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