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In Everything Give Thanks!

Ms. Momma, Ms. Momma, do you realize what time of the year we are in? Halloween is a few days’ away and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks after that! And Christmas?!?! Girl, I’m not ready! We are in the last stretch of 2019. During this time of year things can get very busy for any one let alone a single parent. There’s the busyness that Halloween may bring, but Thanksgiving is vastly approaching. You can go to some stores and you see all three holidays displayed at the same time. It’s here, Are you ready?

Thanksgiving in my family is a big deal. It is a time we come together see family we haven’t seen in a long while, eat GOOD lol. There are different family traditions that some families do every year. My children are a little older now so the last two years they had to make a dish to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner. I also, during Thanksgiving week, ask the children what are they thankful for. Of course, they give the common answers like my family, life, good grades in school, etc.

Today I ask what are you thankful for this year? Below is my list of things I’m thankful for. Some may even confuse you but read on OK.


OK yes being a single parent lol as I typed it out I asked ‘really Temekia’. Yes REALLY. Let me explain. Although I pray that marriage is somewhere nearby, I am thankful for single parenthood. I have learned soooo much being a single mother. The experience itself has taught me a lot and opened my eyes to a lot of foolishness especially in the last few years. I love my children dearly and they have made me reevaluate the word patience lol.

So yes I am thankful for being a single parent. Although this journey has its great moments and some hard moments I appreciate each and every one. I know that I am able to do everything that God has created me to do, and being a single momma is one of the many things he has created me for. Jeremiah 29:11


There’s plenty to deal with as a single mom, especially raising teens. There’s plenty to stress over, and if you are dating there may even be some heart ache. Depression is real and can sneak in on you before you even realize. So yes I am thankful for being in my right mind. I am reminded to keep my mind stayed on Him and He will keep me in perfect peace. Isaiah 26:3


There are many relationships you may have, but I am not referring to just any ordinary relationship. This is honestly the best relationship that I can possibly be a part of, especially in this season of my life. Not a relationship with man, family, not even with my kids, but my relationship with God.

When I am feeling down, I can find joy in His words. When those blessing come through right in time I can go to Him in joy and thank Him for all He has done for me. When I am sad or lonely His Holy Spirit comforts me. He supports me because if God is for me, who can be against me, right? Right… Romans 8:31.


Yep me. I am giving myself some credit. Not to brag or boast. But this is where the self-love and self care part of my journey plays into my thankfulness. For a long time I had little self-esteem. I mean there were situations where I faked it til I made it but a lot of times in a lot of situations I was unsure of my abilities. I am currently on the path of self care in my journey.

I am learning to take time for myself. I am learning how to truly love myself. I am learning to be confident in everything I do. Yes learning. So I am thankful of silly, goofy, sometimes quiet and shy Temekia. I am thankful that I am learning to take my time in things and think and pray things through before doing. I am thankful for maturity. I am thankful for me!


I can’t dare leave out the common things that everyone say they are thankful for. I am very thankful for my family, and children, friends and church family. They are my village, whether they know it or not lol. I’m thankful for each and every day that God allows me to see and the experiences that comes with it. I am thankful.

So I think I will encourage my children to think outside the box of what they are thankful for, and see what I get. Who knows they may surprise me. Maybe that will be another post idea for November.

As we close out 2019 and Thanksgiving continuously get closer, what are you thankful for in 2019? Seriously think about it and without the common answers what are you thankful for? Leave an out of the box comment in the comments.

‘In all things give thanks…’, 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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