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It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! It’s Mother’s Day 2020 and because of COVID – 19 most of us may or may not be free to do what we would like and if we do we are anxious about doing it. Either way I pray that everyone will enjoy their Mother’s Day weekend and stay safe doing so. The pandemic is effecting us in so many ways, what we do, how we do it, and who we do things with. And like birthdays, anniversaries, games and events it will affect Mother’s Day 2020 as well.

Well about Mother’s Day 2020 it’s not quite here yet, and there are still things we can do to celebrate our moms and celebrate ourselves while social distancing and quarantining. But first I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate moms everywhere. I wanted to let moms know especially during this time that you are doing a great job momma. You are now a mom who is homeschooling. Yass Momma you are doing that you are a teacher in your own right. Yes it might get frustrating, and depending on what age your children are it may be quite difficult, but you are doing it and doing a great job. You may be a mom who is now working from home, WITH the kids at home. But you are definitely holding it down. You might be unfortunate to have lost your job due to the pandemic and to you I still say you are doing a great job.

So with all that said what are your plans for Mother’s Day? I mean with America slowly starting to open up again. I myself am a bit weary of getting back out there and being to close to people. Although my 9-5 puts me out there every day. But when it comes to my free time and my social life I just kinda want stay to myself. So what to do while still trying to social distance but also celebrate mom and/or yourself. Well I have a few suggestions so keep reading you may be able to use a couple.

Video Conferencing

What to do what to do? If distance is an issue keeping it simple might be the best option. A simple video call may be a great, simple way to let mom know just how much she means to you. And it’s easy if you are unable to get to each other right now. There are a few options for you to use to make the video call. To Make it special you can include favorite songs, and pictures, just make it enjoyable. I will probably do something like this to celebrate my grandmother. She lives in a different state and I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable to see her in person because of the pandemic.

A Special Meal

Now this might be a common one. A meal? How can you make a meal special or different? Well for me, any meal I don’t have to cook that was made with me in mind is a special meal in my opinion lol. Make mom her favorite meal, make it special for her. Or to flip this a little you can allow your children cook for you. If your children are a little younger allow them to help get dinner prepared for you. I don’t know maybe they’ll pop you some pop corn get you some candy and put on a movie for you.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt could be a way to create memories with your children or with mom. This can exciting and a way to entertain younger children during the mother’s day weekend. You can do it in a way that the scavenger hunt consist of activities that has to be done to be checked off the list or it can be done with riddles to find each clue.

Movie Night

I kind of hinted to this earlier. But you can include a movie night. Put on your favorite movie, or maybe the kids favorite movie. (yes go ahead and watch Frozen one more time) and just enjoy the kids for the night

Kids are in “charge”

OK so maybe not completely in charge. I think I’m going to do this with my two. LoL. Allow them to think they are in charge. LoL. But anyway, put the children in charge of running the house for the day. They are responsible of taking care of you for the day. Meaning Breakfast served, chores done throughout the day, dinner cooked and dishes done at the end of the night.

These are only a few suggestions to help you get through the mother’s day weekend while social distancing. I hope you and your family have fun doing what ever you may decide to do. Remember as the weekend comes and goes, being a single mom may not be the easiest thing to do but you are doing it and you are doing it well. And no one can mother your children as well as you. You are doing a great job.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma, Enjoy it, you are doing a great job.

Until Next Time,

You Got This!

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  1. Girl you just made me smile 😃!
    As a single mother myself, these are amazing ideas you enclosed in this post.

    Thank you for caring and happy mother’s day ❤

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