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Slow Down

I don’t know about you but I have been having some weeks here lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with the days of the week. Seems like I’ll go to work on Monday and then all of a sudden it is Friday afternoon, not remembering some things that happened in between. And don’t get me started on the weekend. I promise it goes in a snap of a finger smh. I mean May is pretty much a week away. We are almost half-way through 2020. For real where does the time go.

Well even in feeling lost with time you know life still happens right, right. It doesn’t matter what’s happening around us whether it is bad weather, COVID – 19, busy schedules or even death. Life Still Happens. Sometimes we just want get through the week, not realizing that only rushes the week and I’m not enjoying life as it happens.

So reminded me to take the time to slow down. Yes we (especially single moms) get caught up in the busyness of the day and get lost in our schedules. But it is necessary to slow down every once in a while. Take a moment to actually look at what’s going on around you.

I kinda feel that the stay at home orders associated with the Corona Virus was necessary in more ways than just flattening the curve. Although I’m still working my 9 to 5, being quarantined otherwise, made me realize I am always busy doing something. Some things are not that serious. But what I have realized, literally today, is that I need to slow down.

Some ways to Slow Down

Yes as a single mother it is important to work and have some kind of income coming in. But taking time to slow down and gathering your thoughts, spending time with God, spending time with your children, and even some woosah moments for yourself is just as important as all the busy stuff you’ve been doing.

Gather your Thoughts

Journaling is a good way of gathering your thoughts. Whether you write the events of your day and how you felt, or if you write out goals for future events that you may have planned. To see it written down can help you keep certain things in mind. I have a prayer journal which helps me to remember what to be thankful for and allows me to have my thoughts in one place. Journaling will also allow you release emotions so you can spend time with your family or friends with a fresh mindset.

Spending Time with God

You can become too busy for God you know. If you don’t slow down and continue in your busyness forgetting God that can only lead to absolute chaos in the long run. It will not be good trust me. So do what you have to, to get some alone time with God. Prayer, bible reading, church services, or listening to some worship music are good places to start.

Spending Time with your Children

I’m sure you have had some days that you are going through the flow of your day and you just get busy. The kids want your attention, they are trying to show you the special art project that they created just for you, or the Lego city that they built and you being the busy mom you are, you tell them ‘not now baby maybe later’ and later never comes around. SINGLE MOMMAS, Please slow down. Take the time to show the babies that the time you spend with them is just as important as the time you spend being busy doing whatever else it is you may have to do. No matter how old your child is. Slow down for them.


Woosah time can be whatever you may need it to be. It can also be some combination of everything I’ve mention previously. For me it’s literally just spending some time outside, especially in the cool of the day.

I just felt the need to encourage you to take the time to slow down. We get so wrapped up in the busyness of our days that we are letting life pass us by.

Are you taking time to slow down each day. Slow down just to find something to be grateful for about your day. Slow down to think on things you may have not considered before. Slow down to hear from your children, they may tell you something you needed to hear. Just slow down.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, leave a comment to let me know what you will be doing to slow your days down just a bit. Me writing this is me slowing down believe it or not.

Well I pray that each of you are getting through this time as well as you can and that you are staying safe and healthy through this pandemic.

You Got This!


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