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Why Single Parents Need Self Care

Self care is any activities that we may do to take care of ourselves. Most will consider only exercise and diet, but it includes so much more than that. Self care may include physical, emotional, and spiritual health to name a few. Self care is the foundation for any other love to be built on. That is love for your children, family and passions you may have. Loving yourself first is where it all begins, the start of being able to care for others.


There are more than 13 million single parents in the US taking care of about 22 million children and most of those single parents are mothers. I’m just saying.

So why did I give these numbers? I am personally a strong believer of the idea that what I do now may affect my children significantly later. Imagine that many parents (13 million) NOT taking care of themselves properly, they are stressed, depressed or not satisfied with a few things in their life. Now imagine those 22 million children, watching their parents handle situations not so well and not taking care of themselves just going through each day just existing, not doing anything to care for themselves. We are our children best examples on how to deal with difficult situations, and how we allow others to treat us.

So imagine if we are not taking care of ourselves and allowing others to treat us in not so great ways, what we are teaching these children. WHOA that can be a very serious outcome don’t you think.


Yes I myself am a single mother so I identify with it all, but believe that self care is not only a routine for a single parent, but for everyone. Self care is a much-needed routine or habit to incorporate in our daily or weekly activities. I know this might seem a little like rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns (uncommon or unreal) but self care is important for moms, dads, single, married, children, elders and those who may be childless. (ok I think I safely included everyone in that)


Ok ok so to the reason you are here. Outside of my own reason/benefit of practicing self care there are some great benefits of self care.

  • First self care it creates positive thinking and increases self-esteem. As you practice self care you are learning things about yourself. Things you like or don’t like.
  • Once you have raised your self-esteem, you are a bit more sure about yourself. You will become more aware of your self-worth. As you value yourself you know what you will tolerate and what you will accept from others. As you realize all the things you are worthy of your children will also know and understand your worthiness.
  • It decreases stress, depression and anxiety as well as other emotional and health issues. Maybe it’s your job, children, or significant other who stresses you, having a good ‘woos ah’ moment will help. ‘WOOS AH’!!!
  • Creates a calm about a situation.


There are 5 self care types that I would like to introduce you to in this post and will go into more detail about them individually in future posts. But quickly the 5 different types of self care are listed below.

  1. Now these are not listed in any specific order but the first I want to mention is the Social type, probably because this is one I have a hard time myself. Hopefully me being an introvert do not come across in my posts. Ok back on topic…. whether you are an introvert or not you are not alone all you need is one good friend. That one person you can call or email when you just need to talk.
  2. Physical type – Ok so most will associate this with exercise but it could be as simple as dancing to your favorite song. It is a good way to rid your self of some unwanted stress. Just dance and let it go….
  3. Spiritual type – This is not only about finding God but finding your center, getting back to yourself. Affirmations and meditations may help with this, as well as attending a service at your local church (IJS)
  4. Emotional type – I know you’ve heard the phrase being in touch with your emotions. With this type of self care you are allowing your emotions to be. If you are mad, be mad. If you are sad, be sad and so on. Feel what it is that you feel, don’t dwell, just move on to the next thing. I know in some situations that may be easier said than done and we will individually have to find a routine to get out of the emotional hole we may get into.
  5. The last is Sensory – This allows the senses (touch, sound, smell, and sight) to calm the mind. A fuzzy rug under your bare feet may help you feel grounded. Your favorite scented candle, or nature sounds may help you relax.


Self care is sometimes for most people only a thought. Some think let me just do what I need to, to get through this day and I’ll do it all over again tomorrow. As single parents we will do everything we can to care for our children and anyone whom we may love. We give so much of our attention to others that we often forget about ourselves not realizing that we need to fill our cup so we can pour onto the others we have to care for. Self care is beneficial if not for any other reason but to let you know that you yourself is also important. You matter. You deserve love, care, and respect and you doing for yourself is the best way to receive it from others. Self Care is not only beneficial to single mothers, but to everyone. So as you practice self care pass the idea along to someone you care about.

Be Beautiful Butterfly


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